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Blik Wi-Fi Internet Radio Review

April 18th, 2008 by Al in A/V Devices

Blik WiFi Radio

The Blik Wi-Fi radio uses the Internet to receive a bucket load of different radio channels from anywhere in the world, at last count there was 11,443 different channels so no matter how diverse your taste there should be something of interest. Along with Internet radio it can also receive the more traditional FM and play any music stored and shared on your media server.

Setting up the blik internet radio is easy but a bit fiddly, if your Wi-Fi network uses WEP encryption (please say it does) you’ll need to enter you hash key by using the left and right keys to scroll between numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters (a bit like entering your initials on the high score table of an old arcade machine). This does take a bit of patience but fortunately is a once only action (it remembers your entered WEP key between power cuts).

With Internet radio you are some what spoilt for choice. When you powerup the radio it connects and then downloads a list of all available stations. Stations are broke down by both location (at time of writing there are 1,107 stations in the UK) and genre (there are 62 different genres including 70s, Blues, Bollywood, Dance, Hip Hop ect. You name it and it’s likely there). With the extensive number of stations it will take you a while to scroll to you favourites but once you have they can saved to a specific channel number for quick access later on.

You can also use the Blik raido to stream any music that is shared on your network, connecting to the network is easy but if you have a lot of shared files it can be a bit slow to catalogue them and for you to navigate. Also to navigate through your collection you only have the left and right buttons so it’s a bit tedious but improves with practice.

Blik Wi-Fi Internet Radio Top View

Along with using Wi-Fi to download music it incorporates a standard FM receiver so you can receive broadcasts the old traditional way. It also has ‘mport’ (aka a standard input jack) so you can connect your iPod or other MP3 player.

For it’s relatively small size the sound quality is very good, with a decent sounding bass, it has L&R lineout to connect external speakers and the customary headphone jack.

wifi-remote.jpgTo control you can either use the buttons on the top of the device or the included slimline remote control. The Blik can also be used as a digital alarm clock, so if you want reminisce on holidays you could be a woken by one of the 4 local stations from the Bahamas.

In conclusion this is probably the coolest radio I’ve seen, not for the asthetics but the range of sources it can receive its music from. If you listen to the radio a lot but are a bit bored of current selections the Blik Wi-Fi radio is a great solution. For me the only thing it is lacking is a dock for the iPod, you can connect it via the mport but this obviously doesn’t charge it.

The Blik Wi-Fi radio is available from Firebox for £99.99 (~$200).

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April 18th, 2008 at 7:27 am

[...] you want a near unlimitless supply of music check out the Blik Wi-Fi radio from Firebox, it’s capable of receiving over 10,000 different Internet radio channels as well [...]

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