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Gisteq PhotoTrackr maps your pics with GPS

April 9th, 2008 by James in A/V Devices, Miscellaneous Reviews, Photography

Gisteq Photo Trackr

Camera accessories are invaluable. And when you’re vacationing, they can be fairly vital. If users are hard core travelers who takes tons of pictures, it really helps to remember when and, more importantly where those pictures were taken. Enter the Gisteq PhotoTrackr, which is a pocket size GPS device which can synch with pictures taken and map them onto Flickr and Google maps.

Here’s how it works.

The Photo Trackr logs the time and GPS location of where you’re at. Using the included Photo Trackr software, all the pictures taken are analyzed and synched with the GPS information and then users can plot these shots on Flickr and Google maps and create a kind of photo breadcrumb trail of your entire trip. It’s fairly straight forward and pretty automatic.

Synh camera time

First thing the user needs to do is charge up the Photo Trackr, which takes about three hours, which is plenty of time to read through the small amount of instructions and install and familiarize oneself with the Photo Trackr software. Once charged, the GPS satellites are located and a sexy British voice informs the user that the Photo Trackr is “satellite positioning.” Once she advises that “satellites fixed,” the PhotoTracker is synched with GPS. Then comes the simple task of synchronizing camera time to the GPS time. This is simply a matter of changing the time on your camera to match the time on your Photo Tracker. And the beauty is that if there’s more than one photographer, they can synch time and user the same GPS data. Then it’s a matter of sticking it in your pocket (or camera bag) and shooting away.

Import, Synch and map photos

Once done, connect the Photo Trackr to your PC and import your GPS data. Then, in the Photo Trackr software ADD images and it synchs them with the GPS data you imported. After that, it’s all fairly automagic. The software will ask if you want to import your pictures and then it works it’s magic. What makes the geo-tagging possible is the EXIF data that is saved by the camera in the photo file. This not only included time and date, but also what shutter speed, aperture and even ISO settings were used. In addition to Geo Tagging, the software can create cool slide shows, a calendar, trip record, and more. In addition, compatibility with photo management software like Google’s Picasa has been added.

The Photo Trackr is about the size of a small pager (remember those?) and fits in your pocket. Cost is about $100 and is well worth the price for the travelling photographer who’s seeking to catalog and map the pictures taken along the way.


One Comment on “Gisteq PhotoTrackr maps your pics with GPS”

Vin Nall Says:

April 13th, 2009 at 3:59 pm

I purchased the Gisteq PhotoTrackr with high expectations of identifying my photo locations since I expected to take about 3-4,000 photos while traveling across Australia over a three week period. I set it up as instructed, went to Australia, updated software as requested with auto update, and haven’t been able to connect the Gisteq to my computer since. It will not recognize it as a USB device. I have downloaded the software and reinstalled – no luck. I have contacted tech support and told them I was operating a net book without a CD drive and they told me to reinstall from the CD (I thought I was speaking English). I have given up and have started to upload all my photos to my computer without PhotoTrackr.

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