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Kodak Z1085IS Review

April 24th, 2008 by James in Photography

kodak z1085is

Flat out. KODAK’s Z1085IS offers exceptional prints from its 10MP chip which also works with face detection and dual image Stabilization. But where it really excels is the HD video it delivers in full 720p resolution.

At 10 Megapixels, the camera doesn’t run into as much noise at higher ISO like most other point and shoots. This seems to have surmounted thanks to it’s larger 1/1.65” CCD, which not only has been designed to provide above average performance, but also takes advantage of it’s Smart Capture technology, which detects the light and subjects being shot in a scene and alters the camera settings to capture the best possible still image.

Smart capture uses a three-fold process in capturing the image … intelligent scene detection, which evaluates the scene and adjusts the settings accordingly; intelligent capture control which sets ISO, exposure and fast focus for even challenging low light situations; and intelligent image processing, which reduce noise thanks to perfect touch technology, thereby boosting details in shadow and preventing washed out colors in bright, ambient light.

The Enhanced Dynamic Range really does bring out the detail in shadow without having to overexpose the detail that’s in ambient light. This means that users new to the digital world, or photography in general, don’t have to worry about backlight – the sun facing more towards the camera.

The Z1085IS also takes advantage of a Smart Capture mode, which can track up to five faces and lock them into focus. And with it’s continuous, camcorder like focus, subjects will move in and out of focus, allowing you to know when it’s time to recompose a picture before shooting.

And even though the lens focal length is a short 5x, zoom seems to handle distance fairly well,and it’s wide angle option (at 7.5mp only) can help frame panoramas or dealing with group shots. And speaking of Panoramas, the panorama feature of the camera is really cool as the Z1085IS takes the last sliver of a shot and superimposes it on the next screen so the photographer can lineup the image and continue framing the panorama. It makes shooting a 3 panel panorama easy as pie.

But it’s true advantage is in video. The Z1085IS shoots in full 720p HD, with an option to use widescreen 16:9. It can move down to standard definition and even email size video images, but its HD option really holds up on even the largest HDTV screens. And unlike other point and shoots which don’t allow the user to zoom while taping, the Z1085IS has an active zoom which allows users to zoom in on the action on the fly just like a real camcorder.

The only downside to the HD video is that in low light, it can become fairly noisy as the camera adjust settings to maximize the detail in the video. But then again, we’re talking a point and shoot video feature here and not a $1,000 high definition camcorder to you get what you pay for.

Battery Power is fairly long lasting as during this test and review, we shot all day at three locations and still didn’t need to recharge the Lithium Ion battery.

The only real drawback of this fine mid-level point and shoot is that is has no viewfinder, choose instead to incorporate a larger 2.5 inch high resolution LCD screen. The downside of this LCD only approach is obvious, that in high ambient light details compete with reflections and the user spends a lot of time trying to shield the screen to see so they can either take the picture or review it.

In the end, however, the Z1085IS is a well put together camera which performs as good enough that this reviewer really considered keeping it and sending in my credit card number instead.

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Adm Says:

November 7th, 2008 at 3:08 am

Some say it is a low light contender for the f30 crown ?

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