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Orli Grab-It Oven Glove

April 15th, 2008 by Sam in Household Gadgets

Grab-It Oven Glove

The Orli Grab-It oven glove is an innovative piece of kit from a young team of London based designers. It is a one size fits all glove, being that it is oval in shape so those with smaller hands can use it horizontally or for those with larger hands, use it on the vertical. It is, of course, also suitable for us left-handers out there.

Coming in a range of trendy neon colours and the ‘bachelor’ black, it won’t look out of place in the funkiest of kitchens. You also shouldn’t lose it as it has an in-built suction cup device so you can stick it to the front of the oven or any flat surface (I prefer the cooker hood myself). However, if you do opt for the black glove, perhaps sticking it against a black background might not work!

Orli Grab-It Oven Glove
It is resistant to temperatures over 250ºC and I must admit I was dubious about using it the first time as it doesn’t seem that thick. So, fully expecting to sizzle my fingers, I gave it a shot and it was great! Compared to my traditional over glove, which depending on how you hold things, does sometimes get the digits tingling, the Grab-It was completely heat proof when I was taking out a baking tray.

Another plus is that as it’s made of dishwasher safe silicone, you don’t get the grease marks and burns you get on a conventional fabric oven glove. If it starts getting a bit icky, you can simply chuck it in the dishwaser or just rinse it under the tap.

If I have one little niggle, it’s that they are sold separately – I think you need a pair to be completely comfortable when getting things out of the oven (well I do anyway as I am not physically capable of lifting out a smoking hot roasting tray with a 10lb bird in it with one hand). The Orli Grab-It Oven Glove retails at £9.99, and comes in a variety of different colours. You can buy online and get further info from the Orli Shop.

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