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Cibox C107 Digital Picture Frame Review

October 30th, 2008 by Nat in Photography

Does it feel like we never get round to downloading our newly snapped photos onto the computer or when we do, its months later and they always just stay there in a file never to be fully enjoyed? Cibox answers this problem with its easy to use 7” Digital Photo Frame C107 from Red Save, applying its many functions such as the changeable frame colours, remote control and slideshow options, to make sure we get the best out of our photos.

The frame is simple to use with practically no set-up required- just insert a compatible memory card from your camera into the slot at the back of the frame, click photo on the remote setting and watch it scroll through your pictures. As well as the memory card reader, there is also a USB hub, however if you haven’t cropped your photos before hand the pictures may not fit the screen which could be really tedious once you have sat down to watch them through.

Putting the 7” screen to the test, the size for viewing is good and generally the photos come up clear. It goes without saying that, for the price, its not going to be of the best quality but the resolution is not as bad. I did find that bright photos were brightened on the frame and sometimes not viewable but this didn’t effect my overall perception of the frame, as there are settings to control brightness and contrast on the main menu.

I often find that particular memories come with particular songs that remind you of these good times. So it’s helpful to know that when you’re watching your favourite photos, you can also play a list of your favourite tracks, adding a nice personal touch to any photo album viewing. The sound quality is good considering its coming from a photo frame. The frame supports JPEG and AVI so you can run video clips too.

Added little extras include options to create slide shows with adjustable time schedules between each photo and multiple transition effects. Even with these options, there are no functions to play the pictures in a random order or a mix so unless you have a lot of photos, this could get a bit predictable and repetitive. The remote control is a handy extra so that you can sit back and change settings rather than having to go to the frame and use its buttons. To add to the endless features, the frame acts as an alarm clockso this would be perfect if you placed the frame next to your bed (although I couldn’t figure out how to change the month of the calendar so I was operating in the month of June). If you ever get bored of the appearance of the frame or simply want to take it into another room and want it to match, it comes with 3 interchangeable fascias (black, white and silver).

For around £70, this is not the cheapest digital photo frame and neither is it the most expensive but it is certainly worth the price with all of the features and the overall quality of the photos on screen which are nothing to be grumbled at. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who cherishes their photos, people wanting to view their snaps but have little time to download their photos onto the computer straight away or even for those who have perhaps ran out of space to display their photos.

You can buy the Cibox C107 Digital Picture Frame from RedSave for £69.99.

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bob Says:

October 30th, 2008 at 8:50 pm

This would be the coolest gift to get for Christmas.

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