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Launch of the Flip Mino

October 20th, 2008 by Nat in A/V Devices, Photography

Flip Mino
With the great success of the Flip Video Ultra selling more than 1 million units, the anticipated launch of the latest product from Flip Video is now just around the corner. Boasting to be up to 40% smaller than the Ultra, have faster image processing and an omni-directional mic, the Flip Mino also has a few other tricks up its sleeves.

As a ‘point and shoot’ revolution the Mino comes in either black or white, is sleek and slim with a 1.5-inch glare-free screen to enhance the notion of its stylishness. The operation of the Mino is simple, literally all you need to do is turn it on, point, press record using the red central button and then play back, but the simplicity of the product does not lose the overall quality. The touch-sensitive buttons glow when that particular function can be used and they are surprisingly easy to use and I rarely had problems with touching buttons that I didn’t want to be touching as the pad is quite spacious. The functions offer advanced playback options: the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward movies as well as settings available to lock the delete button for those ‘just in case moments’ and mute the sound for those instances to be sneaky when capturing that perfect video.

The 2GB of on-board flash memory allows for 60minutes of video capturing. The 2x digital zoom has good range but it takes a few seconds after the zoom for the colour and picture to properly stabilise. With no in-built light or flash, the Mino uses automatic sensors to adjust to various levels of light. Slightly sceptical about this and how it may turn out, I put it to the test under quite low-light conditions with flickers of bright coloured lights and uploaded it to MySpace (check out the result).

Not the best quality footage ever created but the Mino produces a relatively sharp and rich video with a slight appearance of being underexposed especially under darker circumstances but I think the sound makes up for this. Picking up little background noise, the sound of the video is picked up and when played back is not distorted in any way. When plugged into the computer, the Mino automatically recharges the internal lithium-ion battery without you having to give it a second thought and without you having to scramble around for those charged AAs. Usually it takes three hours for a full charge of a dead battery and then this last up to four hours of recording time.

One of the main marketing aspects for this product is the ease in which the videos can be transferred from the Mino onto the computer and then onto sites such as Youtube and now MySpace. This extra uploading option enables you to transfer the videos using the signature flip out USB arm to get connected – no wires necessary, although the weight of the camera almost feels like it will unplug the USB right out of the hub. The one-time installation starts the transfer and then the options are endless, you can, view and organise videos, email videos and greetings cards, publish clips online, make movie mixes and capture photos from videos. Here are some stills I managed to steal from the videos:

Set to be one of the hottest gadgets this Christmas, the Mino is a worth while buy if you want a quick, easy and simple way to produce videos and share them with the world. Retailing at £119.99 the Mino is not the best product out there for video quality but is perfect for that ‘shoot and share’ experience.

Available at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Toys ‘R’ Us, PC World, Play.com and Firebox at an RRP price of £119.99 from 9th October 2008.

2 Comments on “Launch of the Flip Mino”

Kayecee Says:

October 20th, 2008 at 9:07 pm

I don’t see any stills in the post above. Can you please repost them? I’m waiting impatiently on one to come in and have worried about the quality of the still pictures. I have two kids and want to be able to grab good stills from videos.

Also, you said it’s heavy. I have a laptop. Do you think it will give me problems because of the weight or will I need to prop it up when I’m recharging?

Thank you!

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