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Canon 5d Mk II an expensive camera that puts it all on the screen

November 2nd, 2008 by James in A/V Devices, Photography

Up front, you need to know that the Canon 5D Mk II is expensive. VERY expensive. Professional expensive. At nearly $3,000 for just the body, it’s not even an early adapter camera and is more for the wedding photographer or professional who’s looking to push the boundaries of their artistic skills. But for the money, photographers will find that the 5D Mk. II puts “every dime on the screen” and then some.

Let’s look at the specs first and you’ll see what we mean. 21 Megapixels from a 14 bit CMOS sensor. ISO from 50-26000. Yes, I said 26,000 (stellar photographers will dig on that option). Continuous unlimited shooting of 3.9 frames per second in photo mode with over 98% coverage from its full frame shutter. Live view shutter capability. 15-pt AF 6 center AF assist points; 3 center f2.8 and wider. A 3 inch LCD .

But here’s the kicker. You can make movies with it thanks to its video mode. That’s right, Canon has dove into the deep and provided a full frame, High definition movie recording in 1080 p resolution. And the results are cinematic. A big screen feel with bold, rich colors, and deep blacks.

I know, you’re skeptical. But before you make a judgment, do yourself a favor and watch REVERIE by Professional Photographer Vincent LaForet. Canon gave him a pre-release model to play with for two days and the film he came back with is simply exquisite. And to compare the quality, check out the behind the scenes video that LaForet cut to compare it with a professional grade Canon XL2. You will simply be stunned at the differences. One is video footage with some low light issues and the other looks like a film you’d watch at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. It’s really amazing the night and day difference that’ll make professional wedding photographers believe they can do double duty and offer both high quality stills and stunning videos (wedding photographers can check out this video – A Three Act Play – to see the results at a wedding.

And with the ability to use a wide range of 35mm DSLR lenses at a beck and call, that means for the low budget filmmaker, the Canon 5D Mk. II is a game changer. It will add another 25% of production value easily to the look of your videos/films. And when I say game changer, I mean a serious game changer. Recently, the company that makes the RED ONE 4K video camera announced plans to scrap their Red One Scarlet low budge 3K camera in favor of a new design. This baby was ready to go and Red up and cancelled it. Now they’re talking about coming out with a new DSLR which will also shoot 3K video using their Mysterium chip. Is this due largely because of the performance benefits of cameras like the 5D Mk. II which can put out not only amazing professional quality stills but also movie quality 1080p videos? We think so. And that’s good news, not only for Canon fans, but for photographers and videographers alike who are constantly trying to up their game to compete with the pros without the million dollar budgets.

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