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Sports Deluxe Game Player Review

September 19th, 2008 by James in Gaming reviews

There’s many reasons not to choose the Sports Deluxe Game Console over the Nintedo Wii, which it is similar to and there’s one main reason to choose it in ADDITION to the Wii. It makes a good traveling companion that you can trash or lose without worrying about having to replace the expensive gaming console that you leave at home.

Let’s face it. The Sports Deluxe is a Wii Knock-off. There’s no denying it. But that’s not a bad thing. The SDGC has a wireless interface and, similar to Wii Sports, you play such games as baseball, boxing, bowling, golf, and even tennis on it. And you can work up quite a sweat while doing it. And the specific sports aren’t half bad, with the exception of baseball which is fairly limited to pitch and hit. I found the most fun was had bowling and playing tennis. Boxing is boxing and some just aren’t thrilled with that. Although it does let users employ the “katana” extra that plugs in via USB to record the activity or your other hand. The best sport, though, hands down is tennis, followed by Golf. But the funny thing about the Golf game is that there’s a lot of spelling errors in the notes that the game sends you. For instance, you end up hitting the ball in the water, you’re hitting a water haZRad. Pretty funny.

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