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eStarling 8 inch wireless digital photo frame

May 21st, 2008 by James in Photography


With studies showing that only about 20 percent of digital camera users actually printing the pictures they take (much to the chagrin of 1-hour photo centers), having a digital picture frame in the house not only makes sense, but it also brings those pictures alive.

eStarling has created a seriously contender in digital frames with a wireless offering that lets shutterbugs download or email their pictures from anywhere in the world to their online account and have them appear instantly in the slide show run by the frame’s slide utility. This feature is not only great for photographers on the go, but also for grandparents who want the latest pics of the kids but aren’t tech savvy.

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QuikPod – a must accessory for any shutterbug or serious photo hobbyist

April 24th, 2008 by James in Photography

Quikpod 1

Travelers who don’t wish to hand their expensive camera to an onlooker so they can be in the picture really need the QuikPod. Made of high impact plastic, the Quikpod’s telescoping monopod design allows shutterbugs to attach the camera to it’s end, set it on auto timer and merely hold it away at arms length to snap the picture.

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Kodak Z1085IS Review

April 24th, 2008 by James in Photography

kodak z1085is

Flat out. KODAK’s Z1085IS offers exceptional prints from its 10MP chip which also works with face detection and dual image Stabilization. But where it really excels is the HD video it delivers in full 720p resolution.

At 10 Megapixels, the camera doesn’t run into as much noise at higher ISO like most other point and shoots. This seems to have surmounted thanks to it’s larger 1/1.65” CCD, which not only has been designed to provide above average performance, but also takes advantage of it’s Smart Capture technology, which detects the light and subjects being shot in a scene and alters the camera settings to capture the best possible still image.

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Gisteq PhotoTrackr maps your pics with GPS

April 9th, 2008 by James in A/V Devices, Miscellaneous Reviews, Photography

Gisteq Photo Trackr

Camera accessories are invaluable. And when you’re vacationing, they can be fairly vital. If users are hard core travelers who takes tons of pictures, it really helps to remember when and, more importantly where those pictures were taken. Enter the Gisteq PhotoTrackr, which is a pocket size GPS device which can synch with pictures taken and map them onto Flickr and Google maps.

Here’s how it works.

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